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P2P Download Mechanics

The music world is a huge business that reaps in millions of pounds every year, but since the year 2000 a revolution has taken place where people around the globe are able to get free music downloads through the power of the Internet.

If you have not heard about this technology that is costing the music business a lot of money, then there is much to learn about how this technology lets people have free music downloads.

The most common form of technology for getting free downloads comes in the form of peer to peer networks. These networks are easy to use and let people from across the globe interact with each other and download files from each others computers.

How does this work I hear you cry...

Peer to Peer computer networks work by the program drawing bandwidth and power from all users logged on so there is no need for servers or clients. Everyone who logs on to the program becomes a node that is able to send and receive data over the network.

This system would not work without special peer nodes that act as the servers and clients the program can operate without. These peer nodes act by being the central function for all nodes to operate through and normally have a lot more bandwidth and computer power than all other nodes.

Phew what does all that mean?

All this means is that when you log on to the network you become an extra cog in an Internet wheel. Every cog (computer) that logs on to the program becomes an interconnection where other computers can connect to and start getting free music downloads among other things. The peer nodes act as the main switchboard in this system letting people download from each other.

The future of free music downloads

Many giants in the music world do not like peer to peer networks as they say it breaks copyright laws as people are downloading music that they own the copyrights to although in the court of law this is difficult to uphold. Peer to peer networks are created for people to share any type of file and it is the users decision what type of file this is so that makes peer to peer networks a legal program.

Some media companies have taken steps to join the revolution themselves by creating paid download sites where computer users don�t get free music downloads but can pay a small fee to download individual songs from any album ever made.

The future of peer to peer networks is uncertain, but if the average Internet user has their say they will be around for many years to come, after all they are getting free music downloads just by logging on to their computer.


The power of the Internet is vast and offers amazing opportunities for the personal web surfer to get information, entertainment and free music downloads at the click of a finger. Currently Internet users are basking in the joys of this technological revolution, only time will tell what the future holds.