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Free MP3 Downloads

Free mp3 downloads provide today�s discerning music listener with options not available to previous generations, giving them the ability to select individual songs rather than buy entire albums for one hit single.

The advent of this phenomenon is in a way a trip down memory lane. It draws many parallels with the 1950s and 1960s, when music lovers had the option to buy 45 rpm records featuring a single song. Unfortunately as music technology progressed, the ability to get just one hit song faded away. Cassette singles never replaced the records and the more sophisticated music listener wanted a way to create their own musical dreams.

With Internet technology booming, music lovers wanted to find access to music without paying for it. Free music downloads became the answer. Music lovers had the opportunity to try new singles on for size, deciding after listening whether the music was worth keeping.

This has made music much more widely available and gives listeners much more choice than they had previously. People can investigate a new band or even listen to an entirely different form of music without the commitment of spending their hard earned money for the compact disc. This also offers music lovers the ability to collect obscure recordings that might otherwise have been unavailable or lost in time.

The only downside to the availability of free music downloads is that file sharing sometimes leads to files being mislabelled. Either through ignorance or deliberate malice, some people post music to these free mp3 download sites with either the wrong song title or the wrong artist listed. This can be extremely frustrating to searchers who have identified a new type of music that they want to hear or a new band that they wish to sample only to discover the special track they thought they found is the same old thing.

Another word of caution for those using mp3 downloads services. Some sites are less careful about what is posted to their site. Persons using such services should check the site carefully for viruses and also for inappropriate material disguised as music. It�s worth noting that it�s rarely the site owner that posts the inappropriate material but rather users who are looking to cause trouble. They are usually swiftly removed. This is not a common problem but it is worth being aware of.

For example, if the same song is listed several times under various categories and one version of the song is considerably larger (in terms of file size) than the others, then it is usually a good idea to avoid that file.

When you are performing an advanced mp3 music search, it is also a good idea to be prepared to search for the song in question with a misspelled title or artist name. It can also be worth searching by a chorus or frequently quoted line of the song. This can often yield better results.

Free mp3�s are an easy way to boost your music library. Used with caution and good sense, downloading of free music can give a person access to new worlds of music that they might otherwise not be exposed to. It also offers artists a channel that large corporate entertainment companies might otherwise not make available to them.

Above all, it gives you the freedom to pick and choose the exact tracks you want to listen to at a cost that anyone can afford.