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Changes In Music Downloads

The ever-growing prevalence of the Internet throughout our business, recreation, and home lives has made every facet of culture, media, and entertainment increasingly available at the touch of a button. Free music downloads, free video sites, email, voice over IP (VoIP), Instant Messaging, and online banking and shopping are all good examples of this important change that has occurred in only a few years. Among the biggest and most popular areas on the Internet are those that deal with free MP3 music downloads, and there's no shortage of ways to access the most complete library of music in history, that exists online.

Free MP3 music downloads are so popular for a few important but simple reasons. The first of these is the convenience that is inherent to the MP3 format. The original MPEG format is an old, outdated method of encoding video and music data into a single file, for playback by a computer. As multimedia technology matured over time, the format was in a state of constant revision, at one point producing the MPEG decode-layer 3, or MP3 for short. The MP3 format is used exclusively for sound, and its inception allowed excellent data-compression of audio files. Music files encoded at a high enough bit-rates allow for excellent sound reproduction with very little quality loss. This is in fact the most important feature of the MP3 format: MP3 songs typically have a very small file size compared to competing audio codecs. While an 80 minute music CD-ROM requires about 700 MB of data, the same music encoded at a good bit-rate might require one tenth as much space. In other words, you can burn ten times as many free music downloads onto a CD as would come on that same CD if you bought it.

Free music downloads are one of the most sought after things on the web, attracting hundreds of millions of searches every day! With this huge demand, there are literally hundreds of thousands of sites on the web dedicated to giving people what they want by offering music downloads. There are a few growing websites that do allow people to buy their MP3 songs online, but due to the recording industry's reluctance to offer MP3 music downloads at what the market considers to be a reasonable price, and their practice of selling music files that are encoded with DRM (Digital "Rights" Management) that invariably restricts what customers are permitted to do with their purchases, these are overwhelmingly outnumbered by sites that offer free music downloads.

Many sites offer completely legal free music downloads supporting themselves completely through advertising or other media outlets. Common examples of these include music video download sites, and video sharing sites. Other sites act as a hub of sorts for various P2P (peer-to-peer) services, that allow users on the Internet to share their music libraries, and download the contents of other peers' shares in exchange.

The convenience and freedom delivered by free music download sites has allowed them to become one of the most significant presences on the web. People everywhere listen to music, and in every country on the planet, they're doing it digitally now more than ever before.