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About Ian Carey Project

Ian Carey is an American house music DJ who has produced a number of electrifying musical productions. While he specializes playing in house music, it was his dissatisfaction with the American House music scene which prompted his move to the Netherlands and the beginnings of the Ian Carey Project. This project is the name that you will sometimes hear people referring to his 13th song by. The actual name of this single is Get Shaky which received gold and double platinum certifications to its credit.

Within the Ian Carey Project single you will be able to hear the sounds of house music mixed in with that of electronic music. There are currently two ways that you can buy this single. One form is that of a digital download and the other is as a CD single. The record labels which are associated with the Ian Carey Project are the Ministry of Sound in Australia and that of GFAB Records.

The Ian Carey Project was released for public satisfaction in 2008 and for many of Ian Carey’s fans this is a musical work of art. As you listen to this single you will be able to appreciate how Ian Carey has melded the musical styles of electronic music with that of house music to create an original masterpiece like the Ian Carey Project.

Ian Carey Project Singles

Get Shaky

Get Shaky

3 Beat/AATW

9 chart entries peaking at #10 on Sunday 23 August 2009