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For many people listening to music is one of the best ways to relax from the various stresses of life. From the many different singers you can choose to listen to you may want to see how the music of Esmee Denters catches your interest. You will find this Dutch singer and songwriter to be quite talented. The music that you will for the most part be able to hear in her musical compositions are R&B and pop music. While Esmee Denters started her musical career in 2008 her debut album was released in 2009.

The different music records that Esmee Denters has signed with are Tennman, Universal Music and Interscope. Of these she has been working with Tennman from the beginning sometime in 2006. She opened a Justin Timberlake concert which helped to propel Esmee Denters into the eyes of the public. From this point it is possible for you to find some of the great songs of Esmee Denters coming to the notice of the public.

Among these numerous songs of hers you will be able to hear the strains of keyboard being used to great effect. While most of Esmee Denters work is performed solo there have been occasions where she has performed with other performers like Chipmunk and Ryan Tedder in addition to that of Justin Timberlake.

These experiences have helped to shape Esmee Denters into one of the great singers that you will be able to hear. The next time you are on the look out for a new artist to listen to you can choose to listen to Esmee Denters.

Esmee Denters Singles

Outta Here

Outta Here


7 chart entries peaking at #7 on Sunday 23 August 2009