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The world of entertainment is filled with the remarkable performances of individuals like Dean Martin. The numerous performances of Dean Martin have provided many people with lots of enjoyment whether they were watching him act in various movies, singing fabulous songs or providing humour to the many who saw his performances. From the very beginning of his power packed performances Dean Martin managed to show everyone his numerous talents and considerable style.

For the numerous songs that he sang the musical genres which were employed were country, pop and Big Band styles. His musical works of art were released under the labels of Reprise and Capitol Records. While many people today are familiar with the musical talents of Dean Martin his style evolved from looking at the performances of talented musical personalities like Bing Crosby, Perry Como and Harry Mills.

After some time the signature musical tone of Dean Martin became established and he could be heard singing duets with celebrity performers like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. His most popular and signature song “Everybody Loves Somebody” managed to displace the Beatles from the number one spot in 1964. From this point on you will be able to find many interesting musical numbers of Dean Martin. For the lovers of great performers watching and listening to Dean Martin is a treat that you should not miss.

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That's Amore

That's Amore

Emi Tv/Umtv

2 chart entries peaking at #23 on Sunday 14 March 2010