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In the world of musical performers you will find there are popular musical bands like Daughtry. This band which plays a mix of musical styles like post-grunge, alternative rock, pop rock and hard rock have been quite popular with numerous fans from the very beginning of their formation. Daughtry is fronted by American Idol season 5 winner Chris Daughtry.

The musical career of Daughtry began in 2006 with the release of their debut album titled Daughtry. From this point onwards fans who have listened to the musical styles of Daughtry have enjoyed hearing their numerous songs including their debut single “No Surprise”. The various members of Daughtry who give life to this band include Chris Daughtry who performs as the lead vocalist and provides the band with some excellent guitar playing as well, John Steely who is Daughtry’s lead guitarist and one of the band’s backing vocalists.

You will also find Brian Craddock who provides the band with rhythmic guitar sounds and backing vocals. The next member of the band to be looked at is that of Josh Paul who not only provides Daughtry with its bass guitar sounds but he provides some of the backing vocals of the group. The final member of this group is that of Joey Barnes who provides Daughtry with a number of musical sounds such as keyboard, drums and percussion instruments. He is also the final backing vocalist of the band.

As you listen to the many songs of Daughtry you will be able to hear the musical skills and talents of this band. The many songs that you can choose to listen to will provide you with hours of great music to listen to.

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4 chart entries peaking at #11 on Sunday 11 October 2009